Networking Activities (NA) are a core element of GEOLAB, culminating in workshops and other outreach events that foster a digital and In Real Life community, thereby providing a productive channel to communicate with the different stakeholder groups. GEOLAB will showcase effective data output and project results through our website and knowledge platform and will facilitate coordination and promote collaboration across Critical Infrastructure (CI) research and industry organisations.

November/December 2021

Upcoming workshops

The themed networking events for stakeholders and the reinforcement of partnerships are vital to GEOLAB in order to further explore research needs, identify high potential technologies and facilitate interaction. These will enable advances in capabilities of the Research Infrastructure and key projects will be presented to stimulate ideas for TA Projects.

Themed Workshop 1

The GEOLAB Research Infrastructure

Themed Workshop 2

Resilence of the Critical Infrastructure of Europe

Themed Workshop 3

International Collaboration

Themed Workshop 4

Transnational Access User Symposium

2023 Networking Event

GEOLAB organised its third Networking Event on the 29th of November at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Oslo.

Dedicated workshops were given by University of Cambridge, TU Delft, ETH Zurich, NGI, Technical University of Darmstadt, University Gustave Eiffel and the University of Maribor. Esteemed guest speakers also presented on the day.

Introduction & Innovation Workshop Part One: Challenges

  1. Introduction

2. Environment Effects to Large Road Infrastructure Projects in Germany

3. Resilience of roads and road transport 

4. The need for adaptation of power generation facilities to changing risks; some levers for actions

5. Offshore platforms – future-proofed design?

Innovation Workshop Part Two: Solutions & Innovation

1. GEOLAB: experimental research for innovative solutions

2. Growth through Research, development & demonstration in Offshore Wind

3. Leca® Lightweight Clay Aggregates (LWA): Building Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

4. Breaking the boundary between Geophysics and Geotechnics with machine learning based

5. GEOLAB-Innovation Workshop-Panel Discussion

Heading: Innovation Workshop Part Two: Solutions & Innovation

Panel Discussion

1. Towards a Federated Digital Infrastructure for Data and Models

2. Navigating Challenges and Building Synergy in Data-Driven Research across Disciplines and Organizations

3. Using Fibre Optic Acoustic Sensing to determine critical train speed

4. Railway Infrastructure Monitoring in a Nutshell: Concepts and Possibilities

5. Data in abundance but how do we turn it into information?

Foresight Study Panel Discussion

Foresight Study Panel Discussion


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